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It's normal for car buyers to make the most of their efforts to find the right car, and care about finance at the end.

Although choosing the correct vehicle is incredibly important, working out how to pay for it and getting a car loan are both vital aspects of the car purchase process. Looking at your expenses and funding will help you calculate how much vehicle you can handle, letting you limit your options. Some consumers can afford to pay cash for the full price of new or used car sales. Instead, you're going to find a car loan to pay either the whole cost of the vehicle or a large portion of it.

Imperial Autotrade is here with a suite of tools and services to help you buy a new car in these extraordinary times. We are also proud to associate you with affiliate brands that are also committed to serving consumers with unique services and digital capabilities.

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We explore the market, and through experience, we know what our customers desire. Accordingly, we pick pre-owned quality cars from the market that are well taken care of and in pristine condition.


We have a customer service team round the clock to serve you better and handle your queries.


Our fleet has used cars but high-level quality. Our focus is customer-oriented, and we search the market before advertising to keep the lowest possible price.


From your first calls to visiting our office, you will meet our team, who will do their best to support your buying needs and go extra mile to help you choose your vehicle.


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Finance Application Terms and Conditions

By submitting the vehicle finance application below, you are authorising Imperial Auto Trade Ltd to get credit references from agencies ("CRAs") for your credit record and agree to a thorough ("hard") credit search on your credit report.

This comprehensive search covers your credit score, credit report, and data associated with them, such as credit providers, county court judgements ("CCJs"), and the reasons for changes to your score or report. Third parties can view hard searches.

When you submit your application, a rigorous credit check is conducted, and our carefully selected panel of lenders evaluates your eligibility for auto finance. Each has its own set of acceptance requirements and will consider affordability factors that a credit search may overlook. Lenders will analyse your ability to repay the financing granted, both now and in the future, including in the case of a change in your circumstances or the general market, such as an increase in interest rates.

Before continuing, please keep in mind that conducting repeated hard credit searches within a short time might negatively affect your credit score. Lenders and credit scoring algorithms consider the number of hard credit inquiries on your credit reports. This is because new credit applications enhance a borrower's risk to lenders. Take care not to submit multiple loan applications within a short period.

Privacy Notice


We recognise the importance of maintaining your privacy and security. Our Privacy Notice describes what information we gather from you when you submit a Finance Enquiry or an Application. It also explains why we process your personal data and what legal basis we have for doing so, as well as what we do with it and with whom we share it.

Why are you filling out this form?

All of the information you give is securely transmitted to the merchant, who will contact you to negotiate your purchase and financing, and we will keep it on their behalf. Before your information may be forwarded on to a lender as part of a formal application, the merchant may need to contact you for further details.

You will be unable to use part or all of the services if you do not supply correct and relevant information.

Please keep in mind that the other parties included in the entire Privacy Notice are data controllers and will have their own privacy policies in place. Please contact them directly for further information or go to their websites.

For more information on why and how the information on this form is handled, please see the complete Privacy Notice at this link.

You acknowledge that you have read the full privacy notice and that you agree to proceed by clicking 'Agree & Proceed.'

I've read and agree with the Privacy Notice.

Apply for finance

By fully completing this finance application we will be able to quickly and accurately get back to you with a decision.

You can be assured that:

  • There is no obligation to purchase anything
  • It's a safe and secure process
  • Our form is quick and simple to complete

Vehicle Details

Personal Details

Please provide a valid phone number, to enable us to let you know the outcome of any finance decision if you decide to proceed with us.
Providers require this information to provide you with a quote. Some providers may not be able to provide you with a quote if you have not lived in UK long enough to build a credit history.
Please confirm if you have any dependants as this has a bearing on the affordability of your repayments. Dependent children are defined as those living with their parent(s) and either (a) aged under 16, or (b) aged 16 to 18 in full-time education, excluding children aged 16 to 18 who have a spouse, partner or child living in the household.

Address History

Employment History

Please choose the employment status that reflects your current work situation.
Please aim to get the best match possible by choosing the job title. If you have two jobs, please choose the one which takes up most of your time.
This is the amount you get paid from your employment before the deduction of tax. This includes your salary, pension and any benefits before tax, including any employment bonuses accumulated.

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