Terms & Conditions

Scope of the Contract

The conditions of purchase apply to the Vehicles of Imperial Auto Trade Ltd and are aimed at the public over 18 years of age.


"Imperial Auto Trade" is the vendor of the Used Vehicles to the Customer.

"The Customer", is the person contracting for Vehicles to be supplied by Imperial Auto Trade.

"Customer," the Client, is a person who, for the purpose of buying, operates wholly or partly outside of his trade, industry, craft or occupation.

"Vehicle" includes any car, caravan, lorry, trailer, van, invalid carriage, motorcycle, and, in general, all accessories and components thereof.

Generalities and Object of the Contract

The website www.imperialautotrade.com is the website of the company Imperial Auto Trade Ltd, with a registered office at Cedar House Vine Lane, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB100NF, the United Kingdom selling Used Cars only.

Read these terms and conditions carefully to be informed of the rights and obligations of users concerning the products and services offered by Imperial Auto Trade. The validity of these terms and conditions will be recognized in a binding way by the user when they decide to enjoy the service.

These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply when contracting and/or acquiring the services and/or products on our website. We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and without the need to report the reason.

Right of Use

Users have the right to view their personalized data on their screen and print it. However, these data cannot be used for commercial purposes to create a database or for industrial use. 

In addition, without written permission, we may not extract or reuse our information on this website.

Also, data collection and extraction programs may not be used without authorization from Imperial Auto Trade. Integration or linking with our service is not allowed, without express consent on our part. The right to use the service and its functions is only possible within the current state of technology.

The user grants Imperial Auto Trade the unlimited right to reuse online and offline the content that has been transmitted to Imperial Auto Trade and the vehicle data and the photos taken and related to the vehicle's valuation, free of charge.

Reserving Vehicle With Deposit

The possibility of reserving the vehicle in which they are interested is made available to users for seven (7) calendar days from the day of formalization of the Reservation (the "Reservation Period") by paying £500 or agreed by management (the "Reservation") that will be deducted Start with the final price of the car in case the user shows his sales at Imperial Auto Trade during the booking period. Said Reservation can be made through the Bank transfer or a secure Payment link or cash. The Deposit is refundable only if the car stated by Imperial Auto Trade is not found in physical condition.

During the Reservation Period indicated in the previous paragraph, the vehicle will be blocked. It will not be transmitted to any third party other than the user who formalizes the Reservation.

Once the Reservation Period has elapsed without the user having formalized the sale of the reserved vehicle with Imperial Auto Trade, By paying the total price and signing a sales contract, it became clear that they refused to buy the car. Imperial Auto Trade may, from that moment, put the car back to the market, and the Deposit will not be refundable.

Order Confirmation

By confirming your desire to purchase a vehicle from Imperial Auto Trade, you are placing an order with us to purchase that vehicle (Order). The Order will confirm the order details, including your personal information, the type and model of the vehicle, the date and place of delivery or collection, and the Purchase Price.

We may accept the Order by sending you an email to confirm it. When we send this email confirmation, we will enter into a legally binding agreement with you (Agreement). The Order and these Terms shall constitute the Agreement. If you opt to finance the Order via a Lender, you will be obliged to enter into a contract with the Lender, and we will sell the Car to the Lender.

Acquisition of the Vehicle

In the event that a user decides to purchase one of the Imperial Auto Trade vehicles, the acquisition of the same will be formalized by signing by both parties a contract for the sale of the vehicle Selected by the customer to provide details in a personalized document previously emailed to the customer for registrations aid contract (the "Sale Contract"), in the technical and conservation status that will be reflected in the individualized.

The sales price is negotiated based on the characteristics, condition, age, and mileage of the standard vehicle agreement in the amount indicated on the Imperial Auto Trade website based on the model chosen by the client.

The payment of the price of the vehicle must be made simultaneously with the formalization of the Purchase Agreement, making the same once these terms and conditions have been accepted and prior to the delivery of the vehicle.

Delivery of the Vehicle

The vehicle will be delivered to the customer within a minimum period of 48 hours from the date when the sales contract is signed, and Imperial Auto Trade receives the payment. Trade, this period may be extended as long as both parties agree on a more extended delivery period. Imperial Auto Trade is responsible for any questions related to the vehicle's delivery date. In terms of delivery, Imperial Auto Trade offers two options for customers: 1. Home delivery: When customers are within 99 miles, provide home delivery services for them free of charge, and this policy may be eliminated. Delivery beyond 99 miles is charged at £3.50 per mile or as agreed with the customer.
Collection from Imperial Auto Trade facilities, London: The customer may pick up the vehicle at the Imperial Auto Trade office, located at Cedar House Vine Lane, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB100NF, United Kingdom. In this case, it will be free. Customers can use the click-and-collect option.

We shall deliver the Car to you only at the address specified in your Order, which must be your home address. At the time of delivery, you must provide us with a valid photocard UK driving license. If the address on your driver's license differs from your home address, you must additionally present us with a utility bill or bank statement addressed to your residential address and dated within three months of Delivery. If you do not have your driver's license with you, you must provide us with your passport and a utility bill or bank statement addressed to your home address and dated within three months of Delivery. The individual named on the Order must be present at the time of Delivery, as we will not deliver the Car to anyone else.

We will need a secure parking space for the Car (for example, a driveway or secure on-street parking) while we do our delivery checks with you. If you are selling a Part Exchange Vehicle to us, you need also to ensure that it is securely parked and easily accessible to us. You are responsible for providing us with information about a secure site and will be liable for any fees, penalties, or fines incurred as a consequence of parking in the secure location you supply.

Part Exchange

When you decide to pay the Purchase Price in part with a Part Exchange Car, you must include information about the Part Exchange Car on paper as part of your Order. We have the right to request further information regarding the Part Exchange Car prior to Delivery or Collection.

When you make your Order, we will provide you with a value for the Part Exchange Car. You must give us genuine, accurate, and current information on the Part Exchange Vehicle. On Delivery or Collection, the Part Exchange Car will be examined to verify that the information you gave when placing your Order was genuine and correct. Additionally, we will need to verify that the Part Exchange Car is roadworthy and free of any damage that you have not reported to us.

Where the Part Exchange Car is financed, you must guarantee that any outstanding financing on the Part Exchange Car has been paid and the finance company's interest in the Part Exchange Car has been withdrawn prior to Delivery or Collection. We are not liable for any outstanding debts on your behalf.

We reserve the right to reject a Part Exchange Car at any time, either prior to or at the time of Delivery or Collection, if you are not legally capable of entering into a binding contract to sell the Part Exchange Car; you are not the sole owner of the Part Exchange Car (including, if applicable, the electric car battery); another person has a claim on the Part Exchange Car; or there is outstanding finance on the Part Exchange Car.

The Part Exchange Car has been damaged in a way that you did not mention when you made the Order;

There is a material discrepancy between the information and documents you provide about the Part Exchange Car, or a material document is missing, inaccurate, or incomplete (for example, the V5C registration document is missing or incomplete); the Part Exchange Car has any defect that may affect its value or is not roadworthy; the Part Exchange Car is not registered.

If you sell us a Part Exchange Vehicle, we will examine it upon delivery or collection (as applicable). We retain the right to refuse to accept the Part Exchange Car for any reason, including if it is damaged or not roadworthy (for example, it will not start). If we do not accept the Part Exchange Car, the Order will be cancelled and there will be no Delivery or Collection. Any payments paid for or in relation to the Car will be refunded to you within 14 days. We will reimburse you through the same method of payment that you used to pay us, and there will be no costs associated with the repayment.

If we accept and collect the Part Exchange Car at Delivery or Collection, you must provide us with the following: all duplicate keys to the Part Exchange Car; the Part Exchange Car's most recent V5C registration document (along with appropriate proof of purchase if requested by us); the Part Exchange Car's service history (if applicable); the Part Exchange Car's MOT certificate (if applicable); and the Part Exchange Car's user manual.


Imperial Auto Trade provides a free warranty with WARRANTY FIRST for six months with the vehicles, which is expandable to 12/24 or 36 months upon customer discretion by buying it. In the event of a defective vehicle, the customer must contact the warranty provider. All claims after sale must be presented to Warranty First as per their T&Cs.

Imperial Auto Trade will not be responsible for those elements of the vehicle that the client manipulated or if the customer performs the repair without the prior consent of the guarantor.


Imperial Auto Trade is a FCA approved Company facilitating customer finance arrangements from Brokers and is not a lender;

By selecting the finance option on the Order page, you may apply for finance from one of our third-party finance providers (Lenders) to finance the purchase of the Car. We will connect you with a lender or with a broker who will connect you with a lender. Your application for finance is subject to the Lender's review and approval. Prior to Delivery or Collection, you must execute a hire purchase agreement or a personal contract purchase agreement (Finance Agreement) with the Lender. Any delay in the Finance Agreement's execution may result in a delay in Delivery or Collection. If you seek finance and the Lender declines, you must pay for the Car in another manner. In the event that you are unable to do so, we shall revoke our approval of your Order.

You are not permitted to seek finance from a lender if the Car will be mostly used by someone other than you.

We will sell the Car to the Lender, who will allow you to use it in accordance with the terms of the Finance Agreement; the Lender will own the Car until it transfers ownership to you in accordance with the terms of the Finance Agreement; 

Lenders supply the finance rates or conditions stated. We are not liable for any changes in the prices or conditions of this agreement. APRs stated are representative APRs and the actual APR offered to you may differ.


Imperial Auto Trade informs users that the website uses information security techniques generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures, and cryptographic mechanisms, all to prevent unauthorized access to data.

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